JLABS Combating Infectious Diseases -- January 2020

Last week, Levels Diagnostics was one of the panel members of the JLABS event: Combatting infectious diseases. 

More information: 

Awarded INNOWWIDE grant -- October 2019

Levels Diagnostics has been awarded the INNOWWIDE grant to further develop rapid diagnostic tools, in collaboration with Scitech Diagnostics Ltd based in Nairobi, Kenya.  This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 822273

Venture Challenge -- September 2019

Levels Diagnostics has been selected to participate in the Venture Challenge, organized by Health Holland. 

Signed Partnership with Merck KGaA -- September 2019

Merck KGaA is supporting and funding Levels Diagnostics. 

Finalization clinical study in collaboration with CHDR -- September 2019

Levels Diagnostics and the CHDR have finalized a clinical study (LPS challenge) to identify biomarkers that could diagnose bacterial infections. 

Academic startup competition -- May 2019

Levels Diagnostics has been nominated for the most groundbreaking innovation of Science in the Netherlands. 

AMR Conference - Novel antimicrobials and AMR diagnostics -- April 2019

Coen Breedveld had the privilege to present our work at the Novel antimicrobials and AMR diagnostics 2019 #AMRconference in Berlin. We were happy to connect to the AMR network and receive feedback on our work.

Start clinical study in collaboration with the LUMC -- January 2019

Levels diagnostics and the LUMC have started a clinical study to identify novel proteins that differenciate bacterial from viral respiratory tract infections.  

Accelerator program - Merck KGaA -- January 2019

Levels diagnostics was selected for the accelerator program of MERCK 2019. Together with MERCK we will make easy and quick diagnosis possible anywhere in the world. Read all about it via the link.

Awarded - MIT "R&D" -- December 2018

Starting 2019 Levels Diagnostics and will start a great collaboration made possible by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( MIT R&D funding. Together we will research, explore and make new things possible in the world of easy and quick diagnostics.

Awarded - MIT "Knowledge Voucher" -- November 2018

Thanks to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( for granting us the MIT "Knowledge Voucher", aimed at allowing Levels Diagnostics to answer yet another one of the many questions surrounding worldwide Antimicrobial Resistance into the details of easy diagnostics of bacterial infections!

Awarded - MIT Feasibility Subsidy Growth, Sustainability & Innovative Economy -- July 2018

Levels Diagnostics was awarded the big MIT Feasibility Study Subsidy for Growth, Sustainability and Innovative Economy by the provincial government Zuid-Holland. With this subsidy, we will be able to fund more research into the details of easy diagnostics of bacterial infections!

Winner - Sustainable Healthcare Challenge -- June 2018

During the 2018 Sustainable Healthcare Challenge, Levels Diagnostics was chosen by the involved contributors as one of the winning start-ups from a group of groundbreaking innovators in the healthcare field. In addition to a financial prize, help from multiple sides of the sector was offered to us!

Awarded Start-up Fonds - Enterprise Leiden Fund -- March 2018

The Enterprise Leiden Fund (ELF) has selected Levels Diagnostics as promising start-up and supports us by means of a substantial contribution! The goal: supporting local start-ups from the Leiden area with innovative ideas to grow into a solid enterprise.

Start-up of the week - Sprout Magazine -- June 2017

Sprout Magazine, the  biggest start-up and entrepreneurship magazine in the Netherlands wrote a great article on Levels Diagnostics. Read the interview with our own Christiaan here.

Winner Rough Diamond League - Philips Innovation Awards -- May 2017

On the 8th of may, Levels Diagnostics took home the grand prize as well as €10.000 in the Rough Diamond league of 2017's Philips Innovation Awards. Read the article on the final in the Stadschouwburg Rotterdam here.

Winner Luris Audience Award - ScienceMeetsBusiness Plan Competition -- April 2017

On the 20th of April, Levels Diagnostics won the Luris Audience Award for best business plan presentation in the Leiden Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR). The grand prize went to the people of  Viriditec, who are creating new biologics to preserve the bee population. Read more here.

Most Promising Startup - Holland Bio -- April 2017

At the spring edition of Show Me The Money, three Leiden based life sciences startups won a very cool prize: a HollandBIO membership for 2017. Levels Diagnostics was one of the three companies lucky enough to obtain this membership. Read more here.